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Obelisk Seven

by Glenn Ashton
Loraine Lundquist
The Cat
 You are invited to our published thriller, Obelisk Seven.

 When Nick Kangles, the wealthy host of a global warming TV show, and Kate Stanton, the top notch microbiologist, try to solve the mystery of seven obelisks that are sending out signals, they uncover the countdown of a threat to our civilization.

Kate meets Nick in the square of the Pantheon in Rome, when they share a table to avoid the rain.  He is travelling the world to convert people to fighting global warming by setting up greenhouse gas trading schemes, while she has been called in to help  find out what is eating the carbon in the massive oil deposit in the Ghawar Field in Saudi Arabia.

Nick and Kate detect signals from obelisks in Rome, Paris, London, New York and Egypt.They set out on an increasingly dangerous hunt to find the link between these seven obelisks and a new microbe that threatens the world’s oil supply, and discover that  someone is willing to kill to keep the link secret.

Please read Chapter 15 - The Discovery of the Nefertiti Bust, for a taste of our novel (click on that section in the headings above to go there).

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This website tells the story of the genesis of Obelisk Seven, the characters in the thriller, and the three broad themes of the novel (global warming, the ancient Egyptian obelisks, and a mysterious microbe that starts eating carbon in oil deposits).

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Hundreds of Pictures & Links for You

  For those of our readers who like looking at pictures while reading, each section of the website has its own pictures. There are also five galleries, containing over 500 pictures.



The mystery of the crows at the obelisk

  Nefertiti Bust in Old Museum in Berlin in 2009

Nefertiti Bust in Old Museum Berlin 100 

 Cleopatra's Needle in St. Peter's Square in the Vatican, Italy

Obelisk in St Peters square in Vatican Rome

  Louis Armstrong serenading the Great Sphinx in Egypt

Louis Armstrong serenading the Great Sphinx in Egypt

  Old Sketch of the Pantheon and Obelisk of Rameses II

Old Photograph of the Pantheon and Obelisk of Thutmose III


Chipmunk with head in a log, from LittleTowners

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Glenn Ashton hands one of the first copies of his thriller, Silent Lips, to David Carr

Glenn Ashton and Loraine Lundquist posing with Obelisk Seven in the British Museum, London

The Beautiful One: The Paris obelisk during World War II - Death of a French Soldier

Cleopatra's Needle: London Obelisk inside its steel container on the way from Egypt

Cleopatra's Needle: The Paris obelisk with its fountains

Egyptian obelisks at Karnak Temple - that of Pharaoh Hatshepsut on left and Thutmose III on the right

Egyptian obelisks were hammered out of the Aswan granite quarry with rock hammers

Hieroglyphs (advertisements by the pharaoh erecting it) carved into an ancient Egyptian obelisk

Cleopatra's Needle: Festive crowds around the London obelisk celebrate the Queen's Jubilee

Istanbul obelisk from an old sketch

The Defender of The Chicago Kid, from my children's book, The LittleTowners

Nefertiti The Beautiful One: Click on Chapter Fifteen in heading above for the story
of how the bust of Queen Nefertiti was discovered after lying for 3,000 years under the desert sand in Egypt by Ludwig Borchardt
and is even now causing problems between Egypt and Germany

Victorinox Swiss knife with USB and Laser
Used by Gliffy in Obelisk Seven to store pictures of Nefertiti for Kate and Nick

Victorinox Swiss knife with USB and laser

Well in Venice - old photo
Kate & Nick, heroes of Obelisk Seven, go down one in St. Mark's Square

Well in Venice old photo

Glassblower art on Murano Island, Venice
Secrets of glassblowing lead to a discovery in Obelisk Seven

Murano Island glass blower Venice

The Plague Doctor passes a death sentence
His duty as a Guardian of the secrets of the obelisks, in Obelisk Seven

Plague Doctor Carnival costume in Venice

Death walks with the Clown in Venice (in Obelisk Seven)

Clown carnival costume Venice

Celebration with Gayer Anderson Cat of arrival of first printed copies of Obelisk Seven

Gayer Anderson Cat and Obelisk Seven

Prince Johann Georg von Sachsen (shown here with family members in Egypt 1912)
The Prince took photographs of the bust of Nefertiti as Ludwig Borchardt dug it out of the desert sands

Prince Johann Georg von Sachsen and family at Nefertiti discovery 1912

The revolutionary Pharaoh Akenaton
Husband of Queen Nefertiti

Nefertiti hushand Akenaton

For lots more pics of obelisks, click the heading Of Obelisks above and check out the drop down menu!

My name is Glenn Ashton. I write interesting novels, please visit me at my author blog at: .